Woman for all seasons, stage YELLOW (Spiral Dynamics)

Annemie Baetens


Typically, responsibilities include decision maker, leader, manager, and executor. The communicator role can involve the press and the rest of the outside world, as well as the organization's management and employees; the decision-making role involves high-level decisions about policy and strategy. the person who takes all the decisions regarding the upliftment of the company, like operations, marketing, business development, finance, human resources, etc.

Annemie Baetens

Marketing Chief

The purpose of marketing operations is to increase marketing efficiency and organizational agility. Agile marketing organizations are able to adapt their marketing efforts, quickly and successfully, in response to changing customer behavior, market conditions and business direction to the benefit of improved market share or customer value.

Annemie Baetens

Art Director

It is the charge of a sole art director to supervise and unify the vision. In particular, the art director is in charge of the overall visual appearance and how it communicates visually, stimulates moods, contrasts features, and psychologically appeals to a target audience. The art director makes decisions about visual elements used, what artistic style to use, and when to use motion.

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